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And I don't feel no hurt at all

Unless you count when teardrops fall

I'm fresh out of personality, charm and wit.

Some days I thought I was becoming a sociopath. Some days I thought I was already there. - Anita Blake

Why let someone else make an ass out of yourself when you can do a well enough job on your own? - me

Mediocre people do exceptional things all the time. - OK Go

I'm thoroughly uninteresting and it's very impressive that I have as many friends on here as I do. ♥ them all for sticking with me.

I love listening to music, all different kinds. My current favorite is Dwight Yoakam (yet again.) I also enjoy watching TV shows more than movies. Perhaps I have a shorter attention span than some people?

Fun fact: I used to be the main hardass moderator for iconaddicts.

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The icons I have were either made by me, customized by me, or snagged in other communities or journals. If you like one and want a version for yourself, just ask me about it! If I didn't make it, I'll point you to who did.

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TNFC #29 & BBB #20

i'd suffer a papercut q for sharon shinn & I © Jean-Claude

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