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Heading to Bath and Body Works sometime soon?

Bath & Body Works® Signature Collection or Temptations product with a $15 purchase (up to an $11 value)

Buy Any 3 Products In-Store, Get the Lowest Value Product Free

Free Bath & Body Works® Temptations product with any $10 in–store purchase (up to an $8 value)

Free Wallflowers® or SCENTPORT™ Starter Kit (a $12.50 value) with any $15 in–store purchase

Free Purse Size Product with any $10 in-store purchase (up to a $9 value)

Free 2 oz. Bath & Body Works® Signature Collection Body Lotion with any purchase (a $3.50 value)
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*gasp* Score!

And just in time for Mrs. Sandi's birthday. Thanks! :D
You're very welcome! If you go during a non-busy time, the clerks may let you do a bunch of different transactions so you can use as many coupons as you want, or even combine coupons on one transaction! :-)